Timberlake Heights Laundromat

Welcome to The Clothes Spin of Timberlake!

Timberlake VA Laundromat

New 120lb Washers and Dryers!

State of the art facility at our Timberlake, VA laundromat location. Plenty of washers and dryers of all sizes based on your needs and wants.

When time and convenience matters, The Clothes Spin Timberlake is the most trusted self-service coin laundromat (now accepting mobile smart phone pay apps through ClearToken and DexterPay.

24 / 7 Coin Laundromat Near Timberlake

Safe, secure, and well maintained. All words used to describe our new laundromat location. With hundreds of 5 star reviews from around the Lynchburg area, we are now located at:

20600 Timberlake Rd. Suite A Lynchburg, VA 24502

Self-Service Laundromat

Whether you want to pay using traditional coins, or cashless, mobile payment options, The Clothes Spin Timberlake has you covered.

Washers and Dryers for small, medium, large and extra large load sizes

Security surveillance system

Clean Facility

Reviews of our local Laundromat in Timberlake

“Loved the other one when I lived closer to it, so I was very excited to see this one on Timberlake! Its clean, the machines are new, they are cheaper, and its hands down better than the “other one” on Timberlake.”