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Welcome: The Clothes Spin

Safe, Affordable, 24 / 7 Coin Laundry

The Clothes Spin Laundromat is Lynchburg’s brand new 24 hour coin laundry offering 4 sizes of washers and large capacity dryers in a safe, clean, environment.

Open 24 / 7: State of the Art Laundromat

24 / 7

24 hours a day. 7 Days a Week.


Safe and Secure: Staff and Video Surveillance


Cost Savings and Affordable Regardless of # of Loads, Washers or Dryers


Powerful, Large Capacity Washers & Dryers

Coin or App Operated Machines

Multiple ways to pay. Very convenient. Pay with cash/coins or our new Mobile Application.

Large Capacity Washers/Dryers

Whether you need a small amount of laundry done or large, The Clothes Spin has Large Capacity Washers/Dryers capable of handling 8+ loads at once, over 80lbs!

Always Open: 24 / 7

Your convenience is important to us. Whether an early bird, midday, or night-owl, we all deserve, clean, fresh, affordable and SAFE laundry

Save Money and Time

The Clothes Spin is very organized and clean. We also offer extremely competitive, affordable rates to help pass savings onto you, our valued customers. Please just let a friend know about us!

The Clothes Spin is here for you…

Clean Laundry, No Stress, and Friendly Service

Need a place to do your laundry in Lynchburg VA? We offer the best laundromat experience in Lynchburg.

We have new state of the art equipment with 4 different sizes of washers and extra large dryers.

Up to 80 lbs of clothes can be washed and dried in only 75 minutes or less at The Clothes Spin.

Pay with quarters or using the ClearToken app on your smartphone!

The Clothes Spin Laundromat offers cutting edge security technology because your safety is important to us.

The Clothes Spin Appreciates Your Business

Map to The Clothes Spin

We look forward to meeting you and making all your laundry needs fun, quick and safe

Feedback or Questions

The Clothes Spin values people just like you. Our clients allow us to do what we love, 24/7. Please do not hesitate to call or give us your feedback via the contact form. If you have a great experience (which we know you will!, we kindly ask you tell a friend and leave a review on social media for us as it helps tremendously!). Thank you again and see you soon.


Questions and Answers:

Are You Open 24 / 7 ? What Are your Laundromat Open Hours?

Yes! We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

How many loads can your largest machines hold?

Our largest machines hold 80 pounds of clothes.  80 pounds equates to about 8 standard laundry baskets of clothes.

How many clothes should I put in your dryers?
We have all 50 pound dryers at the Clothes Spin.  They will hold about 5 loads of clothes.  You are better off to combine loads to maximize their efficiency.

Payment: Do Your Washers and Dryers Accept Coins and Other Payment?
Yes, our machines accept coins (change machine for convenience), as well as payments through our ClearToken APP for added convenience paying by mobile smart phone.

How long does a regular wash cycle take?
Our standard cycle with no extras take 26 minutes to complete.

What extras can be added to a regular wash cycle?
You can add pre-wash, extended wash, or extra rinse and spin.  Each extra adds about 5 minutes to the regular wash cycle.

What happens if I lose money in one of the machines?
We will work with you to either start another machine for you remotely (yes, we can do this from our phones if we are available) or we will refund your money by mail. Please either call and leave a voicemail or text us at 434-907-7286.

How is the free WiFi accessed?
Please on the signs for the posted password.

What should be done if one of the washers is leaking?
Almost always, the leak is caused by a sock or other clothing caught in the rim of the washer door.  Please press the Emergency Stop button, wait for the washer to empty, open the door and clear all clothing from door area, close the washer door and lock, then press start to restart the machine. This can only be done once without having to add additional money to the machine.

What should be done if there is a problem with one of the bathrooms?
Please call and leave a voicemail at 434-907-7286 or text this same number.

Is it safe to leave clothes unattended?
It is suggested that you always stay with your belongings.  We are not responsible for items left unattended.  If you were to forget something in the dryer and our cleaner notices it, it will be bagged and held for 30 days.  Please contact us at 434-907-7286 to see if we may be holding the item.

Does the Clothes Spin have a lost and found area?
Yes, please call and leave a voicemail or text us at 434-907-7286 to see if we have found your item.

Is your Facility Clean, Secure and Friendly?
YES! We pride ourselves on an extremely clean facility, with latest technology, well-serviced and maintained washers and dryers, as well as friendly service with a smile.

The Clothes Spin ▽

Lynchburg, VA Area’s NEWEST & LARGEST Laundromat.

We have lots of washers and dryers so there is NO WAITING at our laundromat. Our washers are efficient and high speed spin cycle. Our dryers are hot and fast. Stop by our location in Lynchburg, VA.

New Laundromat
Open Every Day from 24 / 7 Laundromat for your added convenience. We are the most modern and efficient laundromat in the Lynchburg, VA area. We are not your typical laundromat.

Need to find us?
We are conveniently located in Lynchburg, VA.

Check out our all new Lynchburg, VA location!

The Clothes Spin was built with you in mind. We have a self-service environment with free internet WIFI in store for customers, cable TV to help keep you entertained while you wait and state of the art surveillance cameras that monitors 24/7 so you feel safe while you visit our location. We are conveniently located in the Lynchburg, VA with plenty of parking, safe and well-lit. We provide a family friendly environment with a children’s play area, air conditioning for the hot summer months, snack and drink machines, comfortable seating in multiple areas, and large isles so you don’t feel cramped and crowded while cleaning your clothes. Our machines are brand new and can handle large loads of laundry from 20lb. loads to 80lb. loads. Our machines are made for efficiency. We have coin changers and soap and bag machines. Need assistance? Call our Emergency Phone #(434) 907-7286

Do Laundry the Smart Way
Our state-of-the art facility has doors that automatically open, allowing you to come and go easily with full hands. All of our machines are run by smart cards, so you never have to worry about having enough quarters.

We’re known for our friendly staff and an impeccably clean facility. While doing your laundry, you can relax outside on the patio or inside a pleasant atmosphere complete with a hand-painted mural of a serene seascape, and free WiFi.

New Dexter Machines
Make the most of your time at the laundromat with our new high capacity Dexter machines.

Stay comfortable in our lounge area, watch free cable TV, search online with free WiFi and let your children play in the all new play area. The best place to do your laundry; The Clothes Spin.
At The Clothes Spin Laundromat we Have:
Electrolux machines
Wash, Dry & Fold Service available!
Over 3000 sq. ft. of space
24/7 monitored security cameras
An Air conditioned facility
Free Parking behind facility
Free WiFi – super fast service
Snacks and Drinks available for purchase
Other items for Purchase: laundry detergent, fabric softener, dryer sheets & laundry bags
Friendly attendants always on staff
Open at 24 / 7 Laundromat

Award-Winning: The Clothes Spin has been voted the most beautiful Laundromat in the country by Coin-Op Magazine. Open seven days a week with 24-hour access to qualified customers.

Dry Cleaning Drop-Off 7 Days a Week, 24 / 7 Laundromat
Bush Cleaners uses advanced, environmentally friendly methods. We provide the convenience!

24-Hour Access
Register your Laundry Card with us for 24-hour access. Wash and dry any day, any time!

Auto-Open Doors
Customers love the way our front door opens automatically. Bring in as much as you can carry – you won’t have any struggles with the door! Just press the big square button with an elbow on your way to the door.

Bright, Clean & Comfortable
Enjoy our spacious, bright and clean laundry room. It’s cozy in the winter and refreshingly air-conditioned in the summer. The hand-painted mural is one reason Coin Op Magazine voted us the most beautiful laundromat in the country.

Laundry Coins
Gone are the days when a trip to the laundromat meant gathering all your quarters. Load up your Clothes Spin Laundromat Laundry Coins. All our washers and dryers accept the Laundry Coins!

Big Washers and High-Efficiency Dryers
Get your laundry done faster with our enormous big-load washers – they can handle up to 75 pounds at once! Our giant dryers can dry up to 50 pounds of clothes at once.

Relax on our spacious and quiet outdoor patio. Read, enjoy our free WiFi, or just gaze at the forest and landscaping.

Free WiFi
Keep up with your friends or stay entertained while your laundry washes and dries with our free WiFi service. It’s fast and super-easy to use.

Big Bright Parking Lot
You’ll find plenty of parking in our big, brightly-lit parking lot.

Coin Laundry Association
The Clothes Spin is a member of the Coin Laundry Association, a network of laundry owners, distributors and manufacturers.

The Clothes Spin is the largest laundromat in Lynchburg, VA. Our fully attended laundromat has commercial front loading machines. We specialize in wash and fold and dry cleaning for residential and commercial laundry clients. Enjoy convenient pickup and delivery on all laundry and dry cleaning orders.

While you’re waiting the thirty minutes for your laundry to be washed we have lots of entertainment options including four 50-inch televisions, free Wi-Fi, stocked vending machines, arcade games and we even have massage chairs!

Our Services
Pickup & Delivery
Do you hate doing your laundry? Tired of packing up your dry cleaning and driving to and from the local dry cleaners? Then let The Clothes Spin pick it up and deliver it for you too!

Laundromat Services
Are you looking for the cleanest facility in town to wash and dry your laundry? Then The Clothes Spin Laundromat is the place for you!

Commercial Laundry
Are you looking for a quality solution for all of your commercial laundry needs? Then give The Clothes Spin a try!

Welcome to The Clothes Spin

Always neat, always clean and always well attended, The Clothes Spin is the cleanest and nicest laundromat in the Lynchburg, VA area offering self-service services to both residential and commercial customers.

We are not your typical laundromat! Our stores are clean. Really clean! We feature only state-of-the-art, environmentally conscious commercial grade washers and dryers. Our stores have Dexter front-loading washers with fast extraction spin in five sizes from 18 to 80 lbs., and high efficiency dryers, 30 to 80 lbs., so you never have to wait to finish your laundry.
Coin Laundry or apps, all of our machines are computer operated and are activated using the Easy Card system. We also offer a customer loyalty program where customers who use the same reloadable card on return visits can earn bonus awards toward free dryer starts!

The Clothes Spin is dedicated to meeting the laundry needs of all our customers. With a great atmosphere and friendly attendants, we are always available to help you with your laundry needs.

We put great effort into excellent customer service, quality machines, competitive pricing and rapid turnaround times.

It is like no other laundromat you’ve been in.

“Serving Lynchburg, VA and the surrounding areas”

“If you’ve never set foot into a laundromat, we’re here to change that”

Why do customers flock to our laundry? Because our store makes the dreaded task of doing laundry more bearable, maybe even enjoyable…Our state of art equipment maximizes efficiency and saves the customer time and money. Environmentally on the forefront with Express front load washers and the fastest extraction spin available, over 300g’s for the quickest drying time.


• Free wifi for customers
• 3 High definition large screen tvs
• Sales counter with detergents, softeners, bleach, bags, etc available.
• Sitting area with tables and chairs
• Vending machines with snacks and drinks


State of Art Equipment
Maximizes efficiency and saves the customer time and money.

Trust & Convenience
Our experienced laundry specialists will care for your clothes as if they were their own

Our Laundry Services
Our Coin Laundry Features Everyday Conveniences and a Few Extras…

Self-Service Laundry
Do your laundry in style and FAST using our Express Washers. Large washers and dryers, bonus dollars.

Pick-up and Delivery
Home pick-up and delivery now available with our Laundry Butler For You concierge service

Commercial Accounts
Hotels, Nursing Homes, clubs, schools, organizations and businesses are welcome.

Pure & Alkaline Water
Water made pure with our six (6) stage Reverse Osmosis and Ultraviolet Sterilization Systems – 75cents for 5 gallons when you use your Laundry Card Alkaline water with minerals and anti-oxidants – When using your Laundry coin you can purchase 5 gallons of our high quality alkaline water at minimum price.

Laundry Done Right
We sort your clothes by the right color and temperature so your clothes come back as fresh and clean as possible.

We inventory every item you send to us to minimize any issues with lost or damaged clothing.

Why We’re Different
Each contract is an opportunity to WOW you each time. We are in the business of convenience and organization. We know life can get hectic with work and family. Reduce your stress and entrust your laundry, the world’s most unwanted chore to us.

Laundry For Less
When you let us do your laundry you could save as much as 30% over doing it yourself. Since all we do is laundry we’re able to keep costs down and provide you with quality service while actually putting money back in your pocket.

We are working hard to make your laundry clean
No matter how much laundry you have we can handle it. We offer commercial accounts. Choose from one of our services & call us to get started now.

Good As New
We have high quality measures to ensure we not only wash, dry, and fold your clothes but also remove all visible stains.

Folded & Organized
Cut the time you spend folding and organizing your clothes by having them already nice and neat ready to be put away.

Give us a call today and start relaxing.(434) 907-7286

The Clothes Spin
High quality laundry services you can rely on. We even offer pickup and delivery of your laundry to make life easier.

You can trust us
We have serviced hundreds of clients in and around Lynchburg, VA and never given a single one a bad experience!

Lynchburg, VA’s Biggest and Best Laundromat

MOST MACHINES: We are Lynchburg, VA’s largest laundromat with the most machines, every size, including the most extra large load machines in Lynchburg, VA.

Dont have time? Let us wash and fold your clothes for you. Bring your clothes to The Clothes Spin and let us wash and fold them for you. Our wash & fold price is very affordable, we will wash and dry your clothing items carefully and professionally get them ready for pick up in 24 hours or less in most cases. Try our wash & fold service and you will never want to do laundry again.

We pride ourselves on providing a clean, safe and friendly environment for our customers. The Clothes Spin is always attended. Our knowledgeable staff is happy to help you with all your laundry needs. There are three large flat screen TVs throughout the store for your entertainment. We also offer a wide variety of laundry supplies for sale for your convenience. Come visit us, you will like our store and friendly staff. Don’t forget to ask for our FREE WiFi access code.

Contact Us
Better yet, see us in person!
We love our customers, our goal is to be the best laundromat in Lynchburg, VA so please visit our coin laundry in Lynchburg, VA during normal business hours.

Get the Cleanest, Brightest Wash Ever!
At The Clothes Spin we strive to give our customers the best self service laundry experience possible! We are conveniently located on State Street in the center of Lynchburg, VA with a secure and private well lit parking lot. Our facility is large, safe and clean – better wash quality than at home!

Now Open 365 days a year! Convenient, easy access automatic sliding doors turn on 24*7. Just close to shopping or dining. Located in Lynchburg, VA with easy freeway access. FREE High Speed Wi-Fi! No reason to go anywhere else!

New Giant Mega Max Load Washers!
and 75Lb all Stainless Steel Dryers!
Plenty of Washers & Dryers
All Sizes – No Waiting
Mega Load Industrial Quality Washers Fit Comforters or Large Family Loads
Soap & Supply Vending
Credit/Debit Cards or Coins for Machines or also Apple pay and Google Wallet

Customer Lounge Area
FREE high-speed Wi-Fi
4 Large Flat Screen TV’s
Bright LED Lighting
Couches and Booth Seating
Air Conditioning
Snack Vending
Electric Recline Theater Seat

Fun Kids Play Room
Play Room TV
New Flat Screen LED TV
Window into Room
Always Cleaned
Have Fun with the Kids & Get Clean Clothes too!

Call The Clothes Spin today at: (434) 907-7286

At The Clothes Spin we strive to give our customers the best self service laundry experience possible.
Our amenities include GIANT & MEGA LOAD washers, FREE Hi Speed WI-FI, FREE coffee, kids play room with toys and TV and more!


Best Laundromat in Lynchburg, VA!

YES, our washers have HOT water and our Dryers are HOT. We want your clothes clean and Fast.

OPEN 24 Hours

With over 3300 sq ft. and tons of laundry machines, you will be in an out faster than you can believe.


HUGE 8 & 6 Load Washers
Have tons of laundry? Our 80 pound washers are huge. Wash your blankets, bedding, comforters, sleeping bags or rugs. Or just load it up with all your clothes.

The 40 pound washers are just the right size. If you waited a week and have a big pile of laundry, these machines should handle it. If you have kids, you better use the 60 or 80 pd machines

Our 30 pound washers are the perfect size for medium size loads. If you need smaller, try our 20 pound washers or the top load washers.

With huge washers, you need huge dryers. Our dryers are programmed to dry fast and deliver the perfect heat.

The Clothes Spin prides itself on keeping the facility bright and clean for our customers. We have 24 hour security cameras for your safety.

Watch a movie, listen to your favorite music or browse the internet on our high speed fiber.

Laundromats in the Lynchburg, VA Area
The Clothes Spin, is a coin-operated laundromat, servicing the Lynchburg, VA and the surrounding areas. We are a full service, fully attended laundry mat. We have lots of machines, so there is never any waiting. Drive through parking for large vehicles.

As members of International & State Dry Cleaning Associations, we are committed to rigid standards of excellence which require us to use the industry’s leading processes and procedures in caring for your clothing.

Wet Cleaning is a professional water-based cleaning process that closely monitors and controls the amount of agitation, length of the cleaning cycle and the water and drying temperatures.

We have self-service coin laundromats with free WIFI, ATM’s and bill changers onsite. Our self-service laundromats feature large capacity, high efficiency washers. You will use less detergent and reduce your drying time by using our washers. Softeners, detergents and laundry bags are also available for purchase.

Contact Us
Better yet, see us in person!
We love our customers, so feel free to visit during normal business hours.
We also accept credit and debit cards and have four convenient locations in the Lynchburg, VA. Call The Clothes Spin or stop by today!


The ladies here are very nice. Their prices are cheap too – I hope they don’t read this post and raise them
Chris Wiklund

They did the best job tailoring my suit. Showed her a picture of a man wearing a well tailored suit and came back perfectly correlated to the said picture. Couldn’t have done a better job
Jack Burk

My family has relied on The Clothes Spin for years. We have always been happy with their professional and high quality service.
Jordan Samuels

Cleanest ever
The biggest laundry we’ve ever used. And the cleanest. Can’t go anywhere else, their drop bundle service is the best. Thanks everyone

Time saver
Needed big machines, there’s are great. This was much help. Neighbor told me this is the only place to go. Haven’t used the drop bundle service yet. Next time. Thanks
Doug & Wendy

Getting to job done..
Get in get out, lots of machines and everything works. I’ll always come here. Thanks

Does the Clothes Spin have a lost and found area? 

Yes, please call and leave a voicemail or text us at 434-907-7286 to see if we have found your item.

Is your Facility Clean, Secure and Friendly?

YES! We pride ourselves on an extremely clean facility, with latest technology, well-serviced and maintained washers and dryers, as well as friendly service with a smile.

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